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Black and white line drawing of a boy resting his head on a table. Source: ro-ku.tumblr.com
     I slept for eighteen or nineteen hours today, all day and then until two in the morning. I don't really know why I've been so tired other than staying up the whole night of Halloween for some unknown reason. The reality of my life is that nothing is going on anymore and as much as I'm stressed out when things are happening I feel like I'm experiencing the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry. My brain has also been in a certain sort of fog that seems to be constantly happening and effecting me. I have no idea how successful my writing on this site is going to be in that I'm used to tumblr and it's more intuitive image based nature. Maybe it will be an accurate representation of myself in that I can't just hide behind pictures. But I think I'm generally going to try and share images with each journal post and then just in general. Right now i'm up and I finished eating my halloween candy and now I'm just sitting in bed feeling tired and listening to things. 

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